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Keeping Everyone Safe

This Year MAA held several First Aid Clinics.   This was to ensure every coach was able to attend.  In addition our Board Members attended a 6 hour training to become Certified in First Aid and CPR. 

A copy of our 2011 Approved Little League Safety Manual can be reviewed by clicking here.

To review the Power Point of the presentation for our coaches click here.

To review the First Aid guide click here.

MAA has 3 AED's throughout the complex. 

Main MAA Stack Stand

Majors Field Snack Stand

Softball Shed

MAA requires as per the Little League guidlines that only those who have completed and passed the backround check to be allowed to Coach.  In addition we run this on our Assistant Coaches, Team Parents, Board Members, and Auxillary members.  At no point should anyone without this completed enter the dugout. 
Please help us make sure that our kids are safe and abide by these rules. 

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